The line between

There is a fine line between love and hate. Try not to get the feelings confused as it’s a murky line.
Can you hate someone enough to be in love with them?
Is it possible to hate someone so much that the idea of submitting to them is so deliciously wrong that you enjoy to be disgusted by the very notion? A merry-go-round of emotions that sicken you so much they excite you?
What if you decide to let go? To no longer fight the urges, only to find out they neither love nor hate you back?
What if they don’t hate you back? Is that as hurtful as them not loving you? Or what if they just want to remain enemies? Can you have enemies with benefits?

The road less travelled

Follow the road less travelled, down the narrow winding path, and off the beaten track.
Traipse through the mud, listen to the squelches. Go over the fallen logs, careful with your balance. Wander through the tall grass but be wary of the nettles that burn.
Now look up to the sky, and look down at the world around you. Ponder where you are and ask yourself where do you want to be. Push on if you can, only turn back when time says you must or if you can go no further. Truly be free and explore what is on offer.
Life is indeed magical, next time just remember the camera.